GameKnight Games will be hosting a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (a.k.a. PPTQ) on April 17th, 2016. PPTQs are the first step for new players on their path to the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour. By winning a PPTQ, you will qualify for that season’s Regional Pro Tour Qualifier (RPTQ).


Our PPTQ falls shortly after the release of Shadows over Innistrad, Magic’s Spring set release which also triggers a rotation in the Standard format’s sets. As SoI comes in, Standard sheds both Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged, significantly changing the dynamics of the format. This gives players a chance to develop all new decks for the PPTQ, playing on the cutting edge of the format.

In addition to the challenge of a newly altered Standard format, our Spring PPTQ will be completely free of charge. There will be no entry fee whatsoever, and no prizing in the prize pool. This PPTQ will give players a no-risk chance at earning their spot at the RPTQ later in the year (which includes a super awesome promotional card).

Date: April 17th, 2016

Time: 12:00 pm

Location: GameKnight Games

Format: Standard

Head Judge: Chris Hrichisen

Entry fee: None


The Magic Judge community in Winnipeg makes a continuous effort to promote and build the game of Magic: the Gathering, benefiting players and retailers alike. One way in which they do this is to build introductory decks and distribute them to the various stores in town, who then pass them on to new players completely free of charge. This is done out of the good will and awesomeness of our Judge community, but we can help them out!

Bring your unwanted cards and donate them at our Free PPTQ to help our judges continue with their deckbuilding efforts. Whether draft chaff, piles that have been sitting in your home for years, or anything else you want to donate, Chris Hrichisen will be collecting card donations all day long. It’s Spring cleaning and a good cause all in one!


The Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour is a tournament series where legends are born. With four annual worldwide stops, the Magic Pro Tour is the premier circuit to play competitive Magic. Each event showcases a prize pool of $250,000.

Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers are your first step on your Path to the Pro Tour.