Free RPG Day 2017!

Free RPG Day is nearly upon us! Join us this Saturday, June 17th, for a full day of roleplaying in more systems than you can shake a stick at! Our schedule for the day so far is as follows with more to come:

All Day – Pathfinder Society Open Play
All Day – RPG Day with Cliff. Assorted RPGs including TORG and more.
10:00 am – 4:00 pm – Aethera (Sci-Fi Pathfinder) run by Scott Young
1:00 pm – Ryuutama (anime RPG) run by Kait Lebrun

In addition to games running all day, we will have lots of Free RPG schwag for everyone who shows up*! Whether you’ve never touched dice before or you’ve been slaying beholders since first edition, there’s enough fun for everyone. Come on down!


*Free schwag limit one per customer, no purchase necessary, while supplies last.