Employment Phase Complete

Good morning!
At the start of February, we announced we would be moving into a larger location, and put a call out for interested parties to apply for employment with our business.
Let me just say, we were honoured and overwhelmed with the response and sheer quantity of people wanting to work with us. I want to personally thank everyone that applied, and know that we looked over each and every resume, cover letter and application. You certainly didn’t make it easy to choose!
I want to personally thank everyone that applied for a position with GameKnight, and am sorry we couldn’t hire each and every one of you.
We have now selected our new staff members, and welcome them to the team. Hopefully you’ll stop by and say hello to these new faces sometime!
We never know when we’ll be hiring again, so please continue to drop off your applications, and we will keep you on file until we next go through a new employment phase.
Thank you all.
Ben Shantz
GameKnight Management