MTG Weekly Deal: Vraska’s Contempt

Vraska’s Contempt is on sale in this week’s MTG Weekly Deal! Planeswalkers got you down? Not any more! Vraska’s Contempt deals with any* planeswalker or creature, guaranteed*, forever*! Grab your copies before the sale ends on May 26th!

*The definition of “any” is defined in this document as “all, except those that have hexproof, shroud, protection from black, protection from instants or protection from colored spells.”
*This guarantee does not cover situations in which your opponent has responses, including, but not limited to, counterspells and sacrifice abilities.
*Should the affected creature be “Squee, the Immortal”, “Misthollow Griffin” or “Eternal Scourge”, the duration of “forever” is redefined to “Whenever your opponent next has 3-4 mana available.” Should the affected creature have the phrase “God-Eternal” or “Raze-Boar” in it’s name, the duration of “forever” is redefined to “In about 1-3 turns. Sorry.”