GameKnight’s 16th Anniversary Painting Competition

GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff is about to turn 16! While most of the planned festivities will remain secret for now, there’s one we feel it is prudent to announce a little sooner. GameKnight will be hosting a Miniature Painting Competition! Everyone is welcome to enter, any skill level, any miniature. It’s free to enter and if you win you’ll get a GameKnight gift card! If you’re interested in helping determine the winner, voting will happen on Saturday, September 14th. If you want to submit a mini, keep reading.

The basic rules for the competition are as follows. You may submit one miniature, which must be painted by you. You can submit any miniature you want, as long as it isn’t too big. The maximum base size is 60mm (about 2.36 inches), and the miniature can’t have a silhouette larger than 10cm x 10cm. Additionally, we reserve the right to deny entry to inappropriate models.

There are two categories of the competition, separated by the age of the entrant. If you’re 17 or younger, you’ll be participating in the Youth category. If you’re 18 or older, you’ll be participating in the Adult category. Each category is voted for and receives prizes separately. The winner of the Youth category will receive a $50 GameKnight gift card; the winner of the Adult category will receive a $100 GameKnight gift card.

You can submit your miniature anytime between Sunday, September 8th and Friday, September 13th. Submissions will not be accepted past close or on the day of, so be sure to get your mini in before then. Voting will happen all day on Saturday, September 14th. Anyone who visits the store on the 14th will be able to submit one vote in each category.

That’s all the nitty gritty! Get out your brushes, prime your models and we’ll see you on Saturday, September 14th!