GameKnight Re-Opens to the Public

Good morning!
Today will be the first day in over a month GameKnight will be open to the public. Our hours will be from noon to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday.
tl:dr We’re going to keep taking steps to keep everyone safe.
Store capacity will be limited to 10 customers at a time. If we are at capacity, you may be asked to wait outside. We’ll be working on improving this system as we go, so please be patient with us. We appreciate your understanding.
Social distancing will be expected and enforced, except for brief exchanges (such as at the till or quickly passing someone in an aisle). Please be respectful of other shoppers’ personal space.
Hand sanitizer is available at the front of the store, and we ask that shoppers sanitize their hands at entry and exit to help keep everyone safe.
Our card singles will once again be available for purchase, but they will be only handled by staff until the transaction is complete. This means shoppers will not be allowed to flip through binders on their own, or access our bulk card bins. We apologize for the inconvenience.
All in-store gaming and events continues to be suspended. We have no expected time of return to organized play. We’re going to wait until it’s safe for people to gather in larger groups before we reopen our gaming space.
Store bathrooms will be closed to the public.
3-day quarantines will be placed on any item being returned, including refunds, exchanges, second-hand board games and books, card singles and more.
Staff will wear masks as much as possible when on the sales floor. If you have a mask, we encourage you to wear it, too.
We will be monitoring the effects of these efforts in the coming days and weeks, and will adjust and add procedures as we see fit in order to keep you and your shopping experience as safe as possible.
Thank you, everyone.
Stay safe and be well.