Extended Friday Hours

As the COVID-19 pandemic situation improves, we are trying to be careful in how quickly we reopen our various store functions. We’ve decided on a step by step approach, monitoring the provincial situation, and as long as things stay positive, slowly bringing the business back fully online. To that effect, a minor step, as of this week, we are extending our Friday hours to be open until 8 pm instead of 6 pm.

Many of you may be wondering if we’ll be re-implementing in-store gaming alongside the Phase II reopening for Manitoba. We’ve given it serious consideration, and decided that while, maybe, MAYBE, there is a way to interpret the Phase II details to technically allow us to reopen the gaming room, we are not looking for loopholes or shortcuts. Our game room will reopen when it is fully safe to do so, and not earlier. Therefore, it will remain closed for the time being. As the province continues to do well in its fight against COVID-19, we will reevaluate the safety of our gaming space, and revisit the decision then.