In-store play and events suspended

Due to the current health and safety situation with COVID-19, GameKnight has decided to suspend all in-store events and play until at least April 12th, 2020. The store will remain open for regular business, and we will continue to maintain appropriate health precautions during this time, but our gaming space … read more

MTG Weekly Deal: Path to Exile

Path to Exile is on sale in this week’s MTG Weekly Deal! No matter the creature, no matter the size, no matter if it’s indestructible or unblockable, Path to Exile will send it packing. That’s the Path to Exile guarantee! Get yours for 33% off before the sale ends March … read more

GameKnight and Covid-19

Precautions While Gaming   With the public health concerns over the Covid-19 virus, we want to inform and encourage our customers to observe proper health practices to help avoid further spread of this and other infections.   At this time, GameKnight is not cancelling any events, but we want to … read more

MTG Weekly Deal: Theros Block Temples

The original Theros Block Temples are on sale in this week’s MTG Weekly Deal! Pledge your devotion at any of the ten temples and you’ll be rewarded with multiple colors of mana and visions of the (near) future! Get yours for 20% off before the sale ends on March 15th!

Players Wanted!

There’s a new RPG group starting up at GameKnight playing Vampire: the Masquerade! If you’ve ever wanted to be a vampire (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t) this is your opportunity. Starting soon on Saturdays at 6:30 pm, there will be intrigue, decadence and blood to spare. If you’re still … read more