Free Shipping over $200

GameKnight is now offering free shipping anywhere in Canada on orders over $200 before tax. Check out the online store at Game on!

Online Store Back Online

GameKnight’s Online Store is back up and running! We thank you for your patience during this maintenance period. Check it out at!   Game on!

Extended Friday Hours

As the COVID-19 pandemic situation improves, we are trying to be careful in how quickly we reopen our various store functions. We’ve decided on a step by step approach, monitoring the provincial situation, and as long as things stay positive, slowly bringing the business back fully online. To that effect, … read more

Free Delivery on $50.00+ orders

Good morning, everyone! As the next phase in our online store development, we are now offering free local delivery on orders of $50 or more before taxes. We are still offering curb-side pickup, and our store is now open to the public as well, so there are now more ways … read more

Games Workshop shipping again!

We’re receiving word that Games Workshop, the makers of Warhammer miniatures and Citadel paints, is finally reopening their warehouses for shipping. While there might be some delays due to their backlog of orders, things WILL start moving again, which is fantastic news. If you want to order something of which … read more

GameKnight Re-Opens to the Public

Good morning!   Today will be the first day in over a month GameKnight will be open to the public. Our hours will be from noon to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday.   tl:dr We’re going to keep taking steps to keep everyone safe.   Store capacity will be limited … read more

First Steps in to an Online Store

Hi there! Ben from GameKnight here. Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, GameKnight has had to make some changes to the way it does business. The Public Health Act Order that went out on March 30th forced non-essential businesses, including our own, to close their doors to the public … read more

In-store play and events suspended

Due to the current health and safety situation with COVID-19, GameKnight has decided to suspend all in-store events and play until at least April 12th, 2020. The store will remain open for regular business, and we will continue to maintain appropriate health precautions during this time, but our gaming space … read more

MTG Weekly Deal: Path to Exile

Path to Exile is on sale in this week’s MTG Weekly Deal! No matter the creature, no matter the size, no matter if it’s indestructible or unblockable, Path to Exile will send it packing. That’s the Path to Exile guarantee! Get yours for 33% off before the sale ends March … read more