MtG Commander League : August-October

Magic the Gathering Commander League


Hey folks, Commander League is back!

Our League Organizer Cameron has made some changes for this round, and we hope they’ll improve everyone’s experience both in-game, and at the prizing table come October.  The entry fee structure has changed; players will now pay a $6 entry fee, and receive any standard priced ($5.08) pack as part of their entry.  With less prizing we’ve had to find ways to get you the value you want without a huge pile of singles and merchandise.  Instead, we’ve opted for promo cards, coupons towards the purchase of singles, and a few surprises.  Prizing will no longer be handled via snake draft; instead the player in first place will have their choice, and so on until everyone has made their first choice, then the process will repeat.  All players who make it to at least 5 weeks will be entered in for prizing, any who cannot make the commitment will be getting a pack every week they do make it.

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Game of the Month – March

New stock has arrived! GameKnight’s Game of the Month for March is Sushi Go! by GameWright. This wonderful little card drafting game (featuring delectable and oh-so-cute sushi) is simple to learn, plays quickly, and is incredibly fun. For the month of March, Sushi Go! is available at 20% off! Check … read more

Gaming Week Ahead!

This week’s gaming events at GameKnight! Monday: Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons Tuesday: Open board gaming, Magic Commander league Wednesday: Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons, RPG Night with Cliff, Star Wars: Armada Thursday: Dungeon Crawl Classics, Dungeons & Dragons (new group, still room for more players!), Magic League Friday: Friday Night … read more