Weiss Schwarz: Log Horizon

GameKnight is now accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Weiss Schwarz: Log Horizon set! Log Horizon will be available in trial decks (50-card ready-to-play decks) and “extra boosters” (6-card premium packs of random cards). Call GameKnight today to reserve your product today! Expected Release: Oct 23, 2015

War Gaming Terrain

GameKnight now has war gaming terrain available for use at the store! Looking to play Warmachine, Hordes, Warhammer or any other game that needs a big table and some cool terrain? GameKnight has terrain for your gaming needs! There will be a small usage fee of $5.00 to use the … read more

UFS Special Order Coming Soon!

GameKnight is going to be placing a special order for some UFS (Universal Fighting System) products, and we want to make sure we get what YOU want! Send us a message, give us a call or swing by in person and let us know what you want! Here’s a list … read more

GameKnight is now taking pre-orders for the upcoming Magic: the Gathering Strategy Board Game! This game looks like it some of the features of HeroScape, which is awesome, because that game was awesome. Get your pre-order in today and save 15% off the game when it releases (expected in August, … read more

A Whole New Game on the Table!

This marks the unveiling of our new and improved website! Check here for up to date news about GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff including upcoming events and new products in stock. You can also visit our Facebook page by following the link at the top of the page. Game On!