The Current State of Affairs

Due to COVID-19, GameKnight has had to adapt to new retail realities and in response, we’ve made a number of changes to the way we operate. We’re still here, and you can still buy product from us, but the way in which you do so has changed significantly. Read on … read more

Holiday Hours

GameKnight will be closed for pick-ups and deliveries for the long weekend, from Friday to Monday. We’ll be back on Tuesday. Any orders placed on the online store over the weekend will be packed and ready for Tuesday. Have a great Easter, everyone, and stay safe!

Closed April 1st to 14th

GameKnight Games will be closing its physical store front tomorrow, from April 1st to 14th. We will be open until 7 pm today if you need to pick up anything last minute.   We are working on implementing online purchase options for delivery or pick-up; stay tuned for more details … read more

Age of Sigmar Game

Got a game of AoS in today, 2k, Mawtribes vs Bonereapers. I ran two FLoSH, two Huskards on Thundertusks, Slaughtermaster, and a Skaal of hunter and cats. The FLoSH with Ethereal Amulet and Metalcruncher is dumb. He charged in first turn and tanked three combat phases against some Morghasts, Stalkers … read more