Warmahordes Steamroller Tournament June 23rd

On Saturday, June 23rd we will be hosting a Warmachine and Hordes Tournament! The tournament will use the 2017 Steamroller Packet at 75 points and 2 lists. The Death Clock rules will be used, so rounds will be timed. There will be no Divide and Conquer, therefore you can play the same army through the whole event. Armies do not need to be painted. CID Models will not be allowed. Rounds will be based on how many players attend.

Let your friends know you're coming by responding to the facebook event!

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New Used Product!

Check out some of these new, used D&D books, now sitting on our used RPG shelf at GameKnight Games!

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Rivals of Ixalan League

GameKnight's new Rivals of Ixalan League begins this evening at 6:30 pm! Check out full details at http://gameknight.ca/sealed-league/

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Commander League info now up!

We have info on our new Commander League! It's starting Tuesday, January 16th and will feature the usual gamut of special challenges. For full info, visit the Commander League Page.

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Ixalan Store Championship happening tomorrow!

Tomorrow afternoon will mark the beginning of the end of the Ixalan Standard season, and with that comes our Ixalan Store Championship! What is Store Championship? Read about it on our page!

Game on!

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