Canada Day Sale

Happy Canada 150th!

To celebrate Canada's sesquicentennial anniversary, we're holding a sale this Friday (June 30th) and Sunday (July 2nd). Purchase any combination of items worth $150 or more (before tax) and receive a $30 gift card!

Some restrictions apply.

Note: We are closed for Canada Day, July 1st.

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Magic: Commander Draft

We're in between our Thursday Night Magic Leagues at the moment, and so we're taking this opportunity to run some fun, casual draft events on Thursday evenings.

This week will feature a unique draft format we like to call a Commander Draft. Each player will buy eight (8) different English booster packs and draft them out at their table with other participants. You will then build a 100-card, singleton (no more than one copy of any card except for basic land) deck led by your choice of any one or two of the "Partner" legendary creatures, found here.

It's a wacky format with a much larger draft than is normal, but we've always had a blast with this format in the past. We hope you join us this week!

Game on!

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Magic: Wacky Draft Tonight

With our Thursday Night Magic League wrapped up last week, we'll be hosting a variety of different Draft formats for the next few weeks while we gear up for the next Thursday League in mid-July.

Tonight, we'll be doing a Wacky Draft, allowing each player to buy any three booster packs they wish for use in the Draft.

Play starts at 6:30 pm.

Game on!

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Free RPG Day 2017!

Free RPG Day is nearly upon us! Join us this Saturday, June 17th, for a full day of roleplaying in more systems than you can shake a stick at! Our schedule for the day so far is as follows with more to come:

All Day - Pathfinder Society Open Play
All Day - RPG Day with Cliff. Assorted RPGs including TORG and more.
10:00 am - 4:00 pm - Aethera (Sci-Fi Pathfinder) run by Scott Young
1:00 pm - Ryuutama (anime RPG) run by Kait Lebrun

In addition to games running all day, we will have lots of Free RPG schwag for everyone who shows up*! Whether you've never touched dice before or you've been slaying beholders since first edition, there's enough fun for everyone. Come on down!


*Free schwag limit one per customer, no purchase necessary, while supplies last.

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Game Caravan - June 10th, 2017

If you want to find out about new games in stock, new rental games and what's in store at Free RPG Day next Saturday, you're in luck! Read all about it in the latest issue of GameKnight's Game Caravan by clicking here or the image below!

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