Monday Night Canadian Highlander

The Format

Canadian Highlander (commonly referred to as CanLander) is a 100+ card singleton Magic format with a focus on One vs One play. But don’t get it confused with Commander, CanLander is a much faster, more competitive-oriented format that feels and plays a lot more like Legacy. There is a podcast called North 100 that have a wonderful Episode 0 Primer¬†on the format!

The most unique thing CanLander has over other formats is that there is no ban list! All of Magic’s most powerful cards are let loose to run wild, but there’s a catch. Instead of a ban list, CanLander follows a Points List. What’s a Points List, you ask? The Points List is a relatively short list of cards that are some of Magic’s most powerful cards.

The Points List mostly consists of cards that fall into one (or more) of three qualities. Either it’s good mana acceleration (Black Lotus, Moxen, Sol Ring, etc), powerful tutors (Demonic Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, Natural Order, etc), and unfair combo pieces (Birthing Pod, Flash, Tinker, etc.). Any deck may include up to 10 points for every 100 cards in their deck. The CanLander Points List is available on the Canadian Highlander official website.

Our Events

We host CanLander events every Monday night (starting July 2nd) at 6:30 pm, and will run for 4 swiss rounds of play. Entry fee each night is $8 which adds a pack and a half to the prize pool. At the end of the night, everyone gets a voucher and the remaining boosters are distributed among the top ranking players. Starting Saturdays following the release of Throne of Eldraine, prizing for Canlander will be static based on your match record. Prizing will work as follows:

  • 4-0: 3 Vouchers
  • 3-0-1: 2 Vouchers
  • 3-1: 1 Voucher

Playtest Cards (Proxies)

With the more powerful nature of the format, we do allow players to have up to 10 Playtest cards (commonly called proxies) included in their deck. A Playtest card is a non-authentic magic card used to represent a real Magic card. Example: A simple print-out of a Black Lotus on normal paper slipped into a sleeve in front of a basic land. We do this to allow players to use these extremely powerful cards without spending obscene amounts of money. However, any Playtest card used must not change the thickness of the card outside of a basic slip of paper. Champion Edition/International Edition (CE/IE) cards may be used, but count as Playtest cards and not actual Magic cards.

Note: This is an unsanctioned tournament, meaning we will not be using Wizards Event Reporter nor informing Wizards of match results or final standings. We are required to do it this as to not violate WotC’s terms of service.