X Wing

Whether you’re a new pilot or a seasoned veteran, GameKnight’s organized play for Star Wars: X Wing Miniatures is an awesome venue to play this awesome game!

See our Event Calendar for specifics.

Regular Events:

Wednesday X Wing League – Every second Wednesday, we host another session of our ongoing, 8-week league play. Featuring 100-point builds, earn points from week to week and compete for final prizing. Fear not, even if you miss a few weeks, everyone is eligible for prizing at the end based on how much you’ve attended! Entry is $5.00 per night. Hosted by Jim Buchanan and Dan Shinnan.

Saturday X Wing Play – Every second Saturday, we host an alternate play session for X-Wing with the goal that any interested party will be able to play in at least one of our bi-weekly sessions. Starting at 6:00 pm and running until 10:00 pm, entry is $5.00.

Special Events:

In addition to regular bi-weekly play sessions, we host occasional larger events such as seasonal tournaments, store championships and more. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more information.