Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons has been a main focus for GameKnight Games since we opened back in 2003; in fact, D&D was the main reason we opened in the first place!

True to our origins, we hold numerous D&D events every week, carry the current product line of D&D books, a huge variety of dice, other accessories, and a team of knowledgeable staff members that have, in many cases, been playing for years or even decades.

Our organized play sessions for Dungeons & Dragons are open to the public, and run on every day of the week except Friday. If you’re looking to join one of our tables, we recommend coming down on one of these nights, where we’ll put you in touch with one of the Dungeon Masters to get you situated. From there, we’ll find you a table to play at, and you’re off! All we ask that you bring along is paper and pencil, dice, and whatever rulebooks you need for your character. Though the DMs never say no to cookies!