Gaming Fee and Membership Program


While the COVID-19 pandemic persists, GameKnight’s in-store gaming events have been put on hold. We miss hosting you all here, and are eager to have you back once restrictions lift and it becomes safe to game together again. Information on this page reflects our events as they used to occur, and how they hopefully will again.

For any updates that may come out as the situation progresses, stay tuned to our social media.

Note: We will always be open to feedback and suggestions, and will modify the following as needed over the coming months. We have tried to anticipate everything we can, but inevitably there will be something we missed. This document is intended to be a “living” document, evolving and changing as required. Please email with any questions, comments or concerns.

On June 1st, 2019, GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff will be implementing a new Gaming Fee and Membership program that will affect the use of our gaming space during prime times (evenings and weekends).

Why the change?

Over the past fifteen years of operation, GameKnight has always been very passionate about having gaming space available for in-store events and organized play. We believe that fostering in-store play is an amazing way to build community and give gamers the opportunity to play the games they love and meet other like-minded players.

We’ve put a lot of work into improving our space over the years, most recently moving from our old location at 726 Osborne Street to our new, much larger location at 519 Osborne Street. With a capacity of up to 150 players (versus our old capacity of around 36), we’ve been able to grow our various gaming communities and add brand new ones, as well.

We also ensure that our volunteer organizers are compensated for their time with store credit. We value our organizers a great deal, and without them, many of our communities would not exist. Part of this program will include increased compensation for our organizers.

In order to be able to continue to improve our offered gaming space and organized play options, the use of our gaming tables during prime time hours, namely evenings and weekends, will now have a cost associated with it.

Membership Program

First and foremost, part of our goal in this program is to ensure that we are not penalizing any of our loyal, supportive customers. To that end, a membership program will be made available to all interested gamers. Very simply, this program will allow you to purchase a period of membership time (one month, three months or a year) at a base cost, the ENTIRETY of which will be returned to you on a gift card as store credit, to be spent at your leisure. E.g. Buy a $30 one-month membership, get a $30 gift card.

One Month: $30

Three Month: $75

One Year: $250

Note: Store credit can not be used to pay for a membership. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Having an active membership will waive all of your basic table fees (see below).

Our reasoning behind this structure is that for anyone already supporting us by being their source for gaming supplies, whether it be snacks and drinks during their weekly D&D session, a miniatures kit every month or two, weekly card events or otherwise, there should be no effective increase to your spending.

Minors: Gamers of ages 17 and under pay half price for memberships (the returned gift card will also be halved). Gamers of ages 12 and under play for free (in non-prizing events) when accompanied by a parent (one child per parent maximum, parent must either pay their table fee or have an active membership).

Organizers: If you are the organizer (DM, GM, host, etc.) for an event, your table fee is waived (for non-prizing events), and you will be compensated an amount equal to twice the number of players (not including yourself) in your event in store credit dollars. E.g. If your event has six players, you will earn $12 in store credit.

Table Fees

A nominal fee will be applied to any in-store play during peak, prime-time hours (evenings and weekends). These will be standalone fees that help cover the cost of maintaining the space, our demo library, our staff, our bathrooms, etc. Fees for non-prizing events are WAIVED if you have an active membership.

Table fees will be as follows:

Board Game Days Free Free
Painting Days Free Free
Cliffhangers RPG $5 entry Free
Dungeons & Dragons $5 entry Free
Friday Night Wargaming $5 entry Free
HeroClix Miniatures $5 entry $5 entry
Godtear Open Play $5 entry Free
L5R Open Play $5 entry Free
Magic: Canadian Highlander $8 entry $8 entry
Magic: Commander $8 entry $8 entry
Magic: Friday Night Magic Draft $20 entry $20 entry
Magic: Pioneer $8 entry $8 entry
Magic: Sunday Standard $5 entry $5 entry
Pathfinder Society $5 entry Free
Star Wars: X-Wing $5 entry $5 entry
Warmachine/Hordes Open Play $5 entry Free
Weiss Schwartz $5 entry $5 entry
Sit Down Play – Not Prime Time Free Free
Sit Down Play – Prime Time $5 entry / 6 hours Free
Various Tournaments Specific Entry Fee Specific Entry Fee

Prizing: Events highlighted in yellow are those with prize structures.

Prime Time: 5 pm to close on weekdays. All day weekends.