At 6:30pm every Tuesday evening we host our weekly Commander League. Our leagues consist of optional weekly challenges and points to earn towards prizing at the end of the league. Entry fee for each night is $6 for which you will receive one of our prize vouchers. Each league typically lasts between six to eight weeks with the details of each league left up to that league’s organizer.

There will be a new commander league starting January 16th and it will run for 8 weeks ending on March 6th. It will be based on a simple points system with a random draw at the end for a grand prize. There will also be a participation prize for everyone who receives 12 participation points.

Points/Participation System

2 Entries and 1 participation point for each week you participate

4 Entries and 2 participation points for each weekly challenge

1 Entries for each game which you eliminate a player

The following combinations will get you a participation prize;

8 Weeks with 2 Weekly Challenges / 7 Weeks with 3 Weekly Challenges /  6 Weeks with 3 Weekly Challenges / 5 Weeks with 4 Weekly Challenges / 4 Weeks with 4 Weekly Challenges


January 16      – UnCards (Technically not allowed after the 15th but I’ll make this exception for the one day. Build a deck that has an Unset card as your commander or the majority of your deck is from an Unset)

January 23      – Commander (decks built around eliminating players with your commander ie Rafiq, Prossh etc.)

January 30      – New Commander (Use a commander printed in Rivals of Ixalan)

February 6      – Mono-Color (Play a deck that is only one color)

February 13    – Oops all permanents/Oops all Spells (Build a deck with no instant or sorcery cards -or- build a deck with only instants and sorceries)

February 20    – Tribal (Creatures should consist of mainly 1 type ex: zombies, vampires, pirates, dinosaurs, etc.)

February 27    – Shard or Wedge deck (Play a 3 colour deck)

March 6           – End with a New Deck (Play a new commander deck that you’ve never played before ie build a new deck or switch decks with a player)