Commander League

Our Commander League runs every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm. This next league is starting on July 11th, 2017 and will run for seven weeks. Read on for details!

This new league will start on July 11th and end August 22nd. It will be based on a simple points system with a random draw at the end for a grand prize. There will also be a participation prize for everyone who receives 10 participation points.

Points System
2 Entries and 1 participation point for each week you participate
4 Entries and 2 participation points for each weekly challenge
1 Entries for each game which you eliminate a player

Weekly challenges
July 11 – Mono Color (mono colored commander)
July 18 – Commander (decks built around eliminating players with your commander ie Rafiq, Prossh etc.)
July 25 – New on the block (Use a commander from Amonket or Hour of Devasation)
August 1 – Tribal (zombies, elves, dragons, dinosaurs?!?! Etc.)
August 8 – Oops all permanents (have no instant or sorcery cards in your deck)
August 15 – 5 Color (five colored commander)
August 22 – Start to Finish (Play a new commander deck that you’ve never played before ie build a new deck or switch decks with a player)