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Every Thursday night for quite a few years now, GameKnight has run a Magic League. Typically running for 8-12 weeks, our Magic Leagues are ongoing week-to-week events where players start with a small pool of cards, forming their “league pool”. Each week, they can add additional packs of cards to their pool, growing it slowly over the course of the league. The specifics of each league have always been left to the League Organizer, but traditionally, each week also features a different format, be it a deckbuilding challenge (certain colours, costs, rarities, etc.), a new rule to the game (e.g. speed magic), or sometimes far more wonky styles of play (global planechase, anyone?).

The wonderful thing about our leagues is that they are great level playing fields so that players both new and veteran can participate. Your personal collection at home is not used at all for our leagues; only the cards opened in your league pool can be used. And players are limited on how many packs they can add to their pool each week, meaning it’s not simply a matter of having the deepest pockets. Instead, our leagues focus on deckbuilding and play skills.

Our leagues are very open to new players either looking to get into or increase their skills in magic! Our leagues offer a fun and inviting format full of friendly players willing to offer help and guidance to new players with everything from understanding the rules to helping you with deck ideas and strategies.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what our Magic Leagues can offer you, check out our current league below!

The Ivan Effect – by Ivan B.

Launches October 5th, 2017.

Starting Packs

To start your league pool, you’ll be purchasing four booster packs total from any of the Standard-legal sets (Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation, Ixalan).

Entry Fees

In addition to your pack purchases, each week will have a $5.00 entry fee that will be put towards final prizing.

Pack Purchases

Each week (with the exception of the Draft night), you will be able to purchase up to two Modern-legal packs and add those cards to your League pool.

On Week 6, instead of earning pack purchases, you will simply add the three packs you used for the evening (see below for details) to your league pool.

Note: The “Masters” sets and Conspiracy sets will not be allowed in this league.


Once before the start of Week 3, a player may choose to rebuy their entire pool. All of the cards in their current league pool go into their personal collection and are no longer used in the league. They may then purchase a number of packs equal to the number they had in their league pool already to form their new collection of cards.


Each week, you will earn 3 points per win, 2 for a draw and 1 point per loss. No matter your results for the evening, you will earn 5 points just for showing up. You will also be able to drop your lowest two nights’ total overall, so whether it’s because you missed a night or just had a bad run of it, your lowest scores won’t count towards your final points total.


After week 2, players will be allowed to trade up to two cards per week using the “2 in, 2 out” method. Mythics can only be traded after week 4.

Final Prizing

To be eligible for final prizing at the end of league, you will need to attend two out of the eight weeks of league.


If you are lucky enough to pull a Masterpiece (an Expedition, Invention or Invocation), it will not be usable in your league pool. But it’s probably worth a pretty penny!

Week 1: Launch Sealed – October 5th, 2017

Deck Size: 30+ cards

Side Board: None

To kick off the league, each player will build their deck tonight from their initial league boosters, and then play in three rounds of one-on-one Magic action.

Pack purchases: At the end of the night, you’ll earn two Modern pack purchases.

Week 2: Two Headed Giant – October 12th, 2017

Deck Size: 40+ cards

Side Board: 15 cards

For tonight, you will build your deck of 40+ cards, and each round you’ll be paired with another random player to form the beast known as a Two-Headed Giant.

See for full information on the Two-Headed Giant format.

Pack purchases: At the end of the night, you’ll earn two Modern pack purchases.

Week 3: Global Planechase – October 19th, 2017

Deck Size: 60+ cards

Side Board: 15 cards

Put on your planeswalker shoes and get ready for some chaos, because Global Planechase is a format of play that will have the various Planechase cards affecting the entire room all at once. Periodically, everyone will Planeswalk to a new plane, applying a new rule to the game. It’s wild and super fun.

Pack purchases: At the end of the night, you’ll earn two Modern pack purchases.

Week 4: Pauper Magic – October 26th, 2017

Deck Size: 60+ cards

Side Board: 15 cards

Time to turn down the power level. Pauper Magic is a great format to level the playing field, as everyone will be building their decks for the night using only commons and up to a maximum of five uncommons. No rares, no mythics. Beyond that, it’s straight up Magic with no other frills.

Pack purchases: At the end of the night, you’ll earn two Modern pack purchases.

Week 5: Wacky Draft – November 2nd, 2017

Deck Size: 40+ cards

Side Board: Your remaining pool

Tonight, we’ll be drafting, but wacky style! For a wacky draft, each player will purchase any three packs of Modern-format cards and draft them out with other players. Once the drafting is done, build a 40+ card deck from those cards and play them for the night. Your remaining card pool can be used as your side board.

Pack purchases: At the end of the night, you’ll add your draft pool to your league pool.

Week 6: Tri-Colour Stairwell – November 9th, 2017

Deck Size: 40 cards

Side Board: None

Tonight’s format will challenge your league pool and your deckbuilding skills. Tri-Colour Stairwell will force you to consider both colour balance and mana curve. To build your 40 card deck, you’ll have to follow the following rules:

Choose three colours. Add six of each of those colours’ basic lands. For each colour, choose six non-land cards of different converted mana costs. Lastly, add four colourless cards of different converted mana costs to your deck (artifacts or non-basic lands, likely).

Pack purchases: At the end of the night, you’ll earn two Modern pack purchases.

Week 7: 5-Mander – November 16th, 2017

Deck Size: 60 cards

Side Board: 15 cards

5-Mander night makes an appearance again in League! This format will have you build a Commander deck with any creature as your Commander, but your Commander will cost a minimum of 5 mana each time you cast it.

Rules Explanation
Your deck will be a 60-card deck using no more than one copy of any given card except for basic lands. In addition, you will choose one creature card (for this format, it can be any creature, even non-legendary ones) to be your Commander, the leader or general of your deck. This creature will start play in the Command Zone rather than in your deck.

You may then cast that creature from the Command Zone any time you could normally cast it. If your Commander would be put into a library, hand, graveyard or exile from anywhere, you may choose to move it to the Command Zone instead. You must also pay {2} (generic mana) for each time it was previously cast from the Command Zone; this is an additional cost.

However (and this is where the FIVE-Mander comes in to play), you will have to pay at least 5 mana to cast it, with generic mana forming the extra cost above and beyond its regular cost.

Example: Your Commander is a creature with a cost of 1W (one and a white). The first time you cast it from the Command Zone, it will cost 4W (four and a white). The second time, it will still cost 4W. The third time, however, it will cost 5W (1W + four generic mana for being cast for the third time). And so on.

Pack purchases: At the end of the night, you’ll earn two Modern pack purchases.

Week 8: Best 60 and Final Prizing – November 23rd, 2017

Deck Size: 60+ cards

Side Board: 15 cards

Straight up, no frills, best 60 Magic night. The traditional end to our league sees players building the best deck they can muster out of their final league pool.

At the end of the night, final prizing will be distributed.

6 thoughts on “Thursday League”

  1. How will we ensure that every player plays HIS cards and does not add/exchange other ones? Will his cards be registered ? Will every player deposit his “box” at the store ?

  2. We have no official system implemented. We trust our players will honor the limitations set by the league and if we find that there is a problem, we will take the necessary steps to deal with the situation.

  3. You may use any basic plains, islands, swamps, mountains and forests from outside your pool as you like. All other lands must be opened as part of your pool.

  4. When a deck size says 60+, does the ‘+’ refer to the side board cards or can you have more than 60 cards in your deck?

  5. The 60+ indicates the minimum deck size of 60 cards. While generally not tactically sound, if you wanted to play every single card in your league pool, you are more than welcome to. The sideboard is above and beyond everything else.

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