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Every Thursday night for quite a few years now, GameKnight has run a Magic League. Usually running for 8-12 weeks, our Magic Leagues are ongoing week-to-week events where players start with a small pool of cards, forming their “league pool”. Each week, they can add additional packs of cards to their pool, growing it slowly over the course of the league. The specifics of each league have always been left to the League Organizer, but traditionally, each week also features a different format, be it a deckbuilding challenge (certain colours, costs, rarities, etc.), a new rule to the game (e.g. speed magic), or sometimes far more wonky styles of play (global planechase, anyone?).

The wonderful thing about our leagues is that they are great, level playing fields so that players both new and veteran can participate. Your personal collection at home is not used at all for our leagues; only the cards opened in your league pool can be used. And players are limited on how many packs they can add to their pool each week, meaning it’s not simply a matter of having the deepest pockets. Instead, our leagues focus on deckbuilding and play skills.

Our leagues are very open to new players either looking to get into or increase their skills in magic! Our leagues offer a fun and inviting format full of friendly players willing to offer help and guidance to new players with everything from understanding the rules to helping you with deck ideas and strategies.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what our Magic Leagues can offer you, check out our current league below!

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GameKnight Games Amonkhet League – April 6th to June 8th at 6:30 pm

League Organizer – Desiree and Devon

GameKnight has always encouraged community members to step up to the plate to run our next league, and this time is no exception. Desiree and Devon will be putting their own spin on our league, and we want YOU to join us for it!

League is a casual and open environment for Magic players new and old to crack packs, build decks, and play games in a variety of different styles and formats, which vary from League to League. This League will run for a total of 10 weeks, beginning on April 6th to June 8th.

On the first night, each player will buy six booster packs from the standard format (see below for options) to form their initial league pool of cards. Using those six packs, each player will build a 30-card deck (again, see below for the first format) to use for the League Launch Night. Everything written below explains how this League will be done for the months of April, May and June.


At the end of each of the first four weeks, we will hold a Rochester draft, opening one or more booster packs (depending on attendance), laying out the cards, and giving players the chance to cherry pick from that pool. Order of choice will be based on the results of that evening’s play, so that the player with the least earned points will choose first, up through to the top. After each player has chosen one card, the choice will loop back to the bottom through to the top, repeating until all cards are chosen. The intent behind a Rochester draft is to help shore up weaker pools and decks and help those players with poorer performance get back in the game. The value of Rochester booster packs will be paid for from the League entry fees.

All other entries will be put towards an end-of-league prize pool that will be awarded to each player based on their final score throughout the entire league. To be eligible for final prizing, you must be present for at least 8 of the 10 weeks that the League takes place. Grand prizes will include (but are not limited to): deck boxes, dice, play mats, sleeves, boosters, singles, and more!

Pack Purchases

At the end of each night (except week 5 and 9), players will be allowed to purchase 2 additional packs to add to their League pool. For weeks 1 through 4, players are only allowed to purchase packs that are currently Standard-legal sets (BFZ, OGW, SOI, EMN, KLD, and AER). As of week 5, the pool of available sets expands to all Modern-legal sets (and of course the brand new Amonkhet set).


Each week, you will have a limited amount of Trade Points (TP) with which to trade cards with other players. For the first five weeks of league, you will have 3 TP a night. From weeks six to ten, you will have 6 TP.

Cards have a TP cost based on their rarity:

Common – 1 TP
Uncommon – 2 TP
Rare – 3 TP
Mythic – 4 TP

You will be able to trade only with players against which you have played that evening. A player given a bye (because of an odd number of players) can trade with anyone once.


Scoring will be as follows:

Win – 3 points
Tie – 2 points
Loss – 1 point
Bye – 9 points

Each week with the exception of Week 1, all rounds will be 3 games each. In addition, you will score 1 point for each night that you are present to participate. During final standings, each player’s two lowest scoring nights will be removed from their total score for the League.

League Nights Breakdown

Week Month Date Format or Theme Deck Size Entry Fee/Cost Notes
1. April 6 Unlimited Musical Chairs 30+ $5.00 + league pool Rochester draft
2. April 13 Speed Magic 40+ $5.00 Rochester draft
3. April 20 Best 40 40+ $5.00 Rochester draft
4. April 27 Reverse Colours 40+ $5.00 Rochester draft
5. May 4 Amonkhet Draft Draft $20.00 (includes three packs)
6. May 11 Global Planechase 60+ $5.00
7. May 18 Commander 60+ $5.00
8. May 25 Pauper 60+ $5.00
9. June 1 Wacky Draft Draft $5.00 + three packs
10. June 8 Best 60 60+ $5.00

Initial League Pool – Boosters

Players will have two main options for their initial pool of six booster packs.

Option 1 – The House Party: Choose one of the three Standard blocks (Battle for Zendikar/Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows Over Innistrad/Eldritch Moon, or Kaladesh/Aether Revolt). Get three packs from each of those two sets to form your starting pool.

Option 2 – The Block Party : For each of the three Standard blocks, choose two boosters from that block’s sets in any combination. E.g. 2x Oath of the Gatewatch, 1x Shadows Over Innistrad, 1x Eldritch Moon, 2x Kaladesh would be a possible option.


Week 1 – April 6th – Unlimited Musical Chairs

30-Card Deck

Our league kicks off with our traditional Musical Chairs night, but now for the first time also combined with our Unlimited Resources night. Your deck will not need any land tonight, because every turn, you’ll be able to play one basic land from outside of the game as your one land play for the turn. You are still welcome to put land in your deck if you want to play non-basics or the like.

Musical chairs will have you playing single-game matches, in an effort to give everyone a chance to play as many different opponents as possible. It’s GameKnight’s version of a meet and greet!

At the end of the night, we will have a Rochester draft and each player may buy 2 Standard-legal booster packs to add to their pool.


Week 2 – April 13th – Speed Magic

40-card deck

Speed Magic is a variant play style where you get a nitro boost to your card draws and land plays. Each turn, you’ll draw an additional card over the norm, and play one more land than otherwise normally allowed. Usually, this means you’ll draw two cards and be able to play up to two lands per turn. The player of the game’s very first turn will draw just one card.

At the end of the night, we will have another Rochester draft and each player may buy 2 Standard-legal booster packs to add to their pool.


Week 3 – April 20th – Best 40

40-card deck

Time to put your fledgling pools to the test with our first Best Deck night. Build your best 40-card deck possible and go for glory. Or for broke. We accept that, too.

At the end of the night, we will have another Rochester draft and each player may buy 2 Standard-legal booster packs to add to their pool.


Week 4 – April 27th – Reverse Colours

40-card deck

Last week, you played the best deck you could muster out of your whole league pool. Well, this week we’re flipping that on its head. Whatever colours you included in your deck last week, you can’t include them in this week’s deck.

At the end of the night, we will have another Rochester draft and each player may buy 2 Standard-legal booster packs to add to their pool.


Week 5 – May 4th – Amonkhet Draft

40-card deck

Celebrating the newly released Amonkhet set, this week’s league format is a triple Amonkhet booster draft!

At the end of the night, you add your draft pool to your existing League pool. No new pack purchases available for tonight.


Week 6 – May 11th – Global Planechase

60-card deck

Build your best 60 card deck and get ready to walk the planes! For this week’s format, we’re going to have a deck of plane cards (from the Planechase format of play), the topmost of which will be revealed and affect the entire room! Every so often, a planar die will be rolled and the result of that die roll applied to everyone, sometimes forcing the plane card to change, sometimes forcing a chaos effect! Get ready to deal with everything!

At the end of the night, each player may buy 2 Modern-legal booster packs to add to their pool.


Week 7 – May 18th – Commander

60-card deck

Not singleton.

30 starting life

(3-4 Player Games) (2 Games for the night) (1 Hour, 30 min rounds)

Your Commander can be any uncommon, rare or mythic creature.

You can earn extra league points by completing specific achievements over the course of the night. Each achievement can only be attained once for the night.

Draw 7 – 1 point

20 damage with a single creature – 1 point

Kill with commander damage – 1 point

Attack with 10+ creatures in one combat phase – 1 point

Have more than 40 life – 1 point

Play peasant and win – 2 points

At the end of the night, each player may buy 2 Modern-legal booster pack to add to their pool.


Week 8 – May 25th – Best 60 Pauper

60-card deck

Simple, low-powered Magic. Only use commons to build your deck for this week.

At the end of the night, each player may buy 2 Modern-legal booster pack to add to their pool.


Week 9 – June 1st – Wacky Draft

40-card deck

For tonight, buy any three English packs from non-Masters, non-Conspiracy sets and draft them out, build your deck, and rock on!

At the end of the night, you add your draft pool to your existing League pool. No new pack purchases available for tonight.


Week 10 – June 8th – Best 60 Finals

60-card deck

The final bout for final points for final prizing.

At the end of the night, final prizing for the League will be distributed to all eligible players in a Rochester-style snake draft.



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  1. How will we ensure that every player plays HIS cards and does not add/exchange other ones? Will his cards be registered ? Will every player deposit his “box” at the store ?

  2. We have no official system implemented. We trust our players will honor the limitations set by the league and if we find that there is a problem, we will take the necessary steps to deal with the situation.

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