Core 2020 Prerelease

This July, the latest Magic: the Gathering Core Set arrives! Featuring a close look at the Gatewatch’s hot-tempered pyromancer, Chandra Nalaar, the set will re-establish what makes Magic awesome. To get your hands on those sweet cards before anyone else, be sure to come down for the Core 2020 Prerelease!

Join GameKnight on July 5th, 6th & 7th as we welcome in the newest Core Set! Throughout the weekend we will be hosting sealed deck events. Preregister by close on July 4th ($35) or pay at the door ($40).

During each event players will receive a prerelease kit containing:

  • 6 boosters of Core 2020
  • 1 Randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card
  • 1 Spindown life counter

From the pool of cards contained therein, as well as basic lands we’ll provide, players build a 40 card deck. Players are paired to duel other participants in a Swiss round tournament for a chance at winning Core 2020 boosters, a playmat and a trophy!

Friday Events!

Starting with Core 2020, stores are able to run prerelease events on Friday as well! GameKnight will be adding to events to our schedule, the new Beginner Friendly Sealed at 3:00 pm and a Casual Sealed at 6:30 pm. See below for more details!

Do You Like a Challenge?

Enter our Saturday main event for a chance at big prizes!

Saturday morning at 10:00 am GameKnight will run a tournament with playmats and boosters split among the top 8 players. First place will receive a trophy, and we guarantee first place at least a full booster box of War of the Spark!

Not everything goes to the best though. At the end of swiss rounds, all players who are still in the tournament who did not make top 8 will be entered into the “shuffle.” That means we will open a number of boosters, shuffle them up and deal out a few card to each person. Even if you come in last place, you could win big! There will even be  a 6-foot Core 2020 playmat given to a player chosen at random from everybody in the tournament!

Or Do You Prefer to Just Play Casually?

Enter one of our six casual events to meet other Magic players and maybe win a few boosters as well!

Each of the casual tournaments will be exactly 4 rounds, and you will receive 1 booster for each match you win. With prizes spread out so evenly among all players, the focus is on enjoying your games and having fun. These events will be run on Friday at 6:30 pm and midnight, Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

Just looking to have fun?

Try our Friday 3:00 pm Beginner Friendly Sealed event! With prizing given out for playing, not for winning, the pressure is off! Perfect for your first prerelease event to test the waters, or if you’re new to Magic altogether. The goal is learning and fun, with less of an emphasis on winning.

Preregistration: $35 | At the door: $40

Booster Box Bonus! – Each booster box of Core 2020 you pre-purchase at the time of preregistration saves another $5.00 off the pre-registration cost of the pre-release. Pre-purchase a full case (six booster boxes) and get your pre-release free (a $35.00 value!).

Multiple Pre-Releases: Preregister for multiple main events and save $5.00 off each event’s entry fee beyond the first.

Event Schedule


3:00 pm – Beginner Friendly Sealed

This one’s for the new players, the folks attending their first prerelease, the people who just love to play the game. In this event the focus is on having fun and learning, with no pressure to win. Instead of prizing, after you’ve played your games you’ll get an additional two boosters packs just for coming out! The judge and staff on hand will be there to help out and answer questions, so feel free to ask for assistance!

  • Late entries allowed
  • 4 rounds
  • Get 2 boosters just for playing!

6:30 pm – Casual Sealed

Friday Night Magic is a prerelease sealed event! Wild!

  • Late entries allowed
  • Guaranteed to be 4 rounds
  • Win 1 booster per match win


Midnight  Casual Sealed

  • Late entries allowed
  • Guaranteed to be 4 rounds
  • Win 1 booster per match win

10:00 am – Main Event Sealed

Prize boosters awarded to each place in top eight depending upon the total players in the tournament.


  • 4-6 rounds then cut to top 8
  • Ranking-based prizing
  • Guaranteed booster box for 1st place! (or more if attendance allows)
  • Trophy
  • Prize Shuffle

1:00 pm – Main Casual Sealed

Did you open a mediocre pool in the main event, or perhaps just got terrible luck? Did you miss the 10:00 am start time, or do you just want a fun casual experience? Enter the Main Drop Casual Sealed event and get another chance to win a few boosters!

  • Late entries allowed
  • Guaranteed to be 4 rounds
  • Win 1 booster per match win

6:00 pm – Casual 2-Headed Giant Sealed

Grab a friend and test your skills against other teams in 2-headed Giant!

Each team receives two Core 2020 prerelease kits and builds two 40+ card decks from the twelve boosters and two promos contained therein. Teammates sit next to each other, playing at the same time. Teammates play their phases together and share a life total starting at 30. Each round consists of only one game.

  • Late entries allowed
  • Guaranteed to be 4 rounds
  • Win 2 boosters per team per match win


1:00 pm – Casual Sealed

  • Late entries allowed
  • Guaranteed to be 4 rounds
  • Win 1 booster per match win

6:00 pm – Casual Sealed

  • Late entries allowed
  • Guaranteed to be 4 rounds
  • Win 1 booster per match win