Standard Sunday

We are holding Standard every Sunday at 1:00pm!
What is Standard? Standard is Magic’s hottest constructed format using cards from only the most recent sets! The current sets in rotation are: Battle For Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon, Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, Amonkhet, and Hour of Devastation! Free entry fee, just bring a 60+ card deck built using only cards printed in the listed sets, and come play some fun games of Magic!

Currently we are in the midst of Amonkhet’s Standard Showdown, so each week as prizing, each player earns a special 4 card booster pack containing 2 random rares printed in Standard, 1 full-art basic land, and 1 random foil card of any card currently legal in Standard.

As an added promotion alongside Standard Showdown, anyone who participates in a Standard event between now and the Hour of Devastation Pre-release will receive a score card with four empty squares. As you play in Standard events each week, you can pass your card to the event organizer, and they will sign and date one box for that day. Once you have filled all four boxes, present the card to the front counter to receive your choice of a special alternate artwork Dual Land from Battle For Zendikar (While supplies last)!

In addition to the Standard Showdown packs and promo Dual Lands, each week you play will put your name into a draw for one of three exclusive Amonkhet Worthy Challenger Playmats! The draw for all three playmats will take place on June 25th, but if you’re not present for the draw, no worries! Any winners drawn who are not present will be contacted by the store and the playmats will be held for you!

Come down and join us!