Standard Sunday

We are holding Standard every Sunday at 1:00pm!
What is Standard? Standard is Magic’s hottest constructed format using cards from only the most recent sets! The current sets in rotation are: Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Dominaria, Core 2019, Guilds of Ravnica, and Ravnica Allegiance! Free entry fee, just bring a 60+ card deck built using only cards printed in the listed sets, and come play some fun games of Magic!

Each week as a sort of prizing, we have nine special 4 card booster pack containing 2 random rares/mythics currently legal in Standard, 1 foil promo basic land, and 1 random foil card of any card currently legal in Standard. These packs are handed out randomly as participation promos, so there’s no need to worry about winning your matches.

Come down and join us!