Ravnica Weekend Store Championship

Entry: Free

Store Championships are Standard-format tournaments that occur a few weeks after a set’s release. They offer players a great opportunity to try out new decks and new cards, meet great people, and have a load of fun.

Our Store Championships are free of charge to enter, with only the promotional cards and materials as prizing. This way, players are welcome to try out experimental, fun decks and focus on enjoying the game rather than feeling pushed to play the most competitive decks around. With no money on the line, we aim to have a great deal of fun!

Each player will receive a special foil promotional card for attending, (shown to the left) and the winner of the tournament will receive the special Champion Playmat! (shown above)

Our next Store Championship is taking place on Saturday, February 16th at 1:00 pm. Players will play three or four swiss rounds, then the Top 8 players face off for a chance to win the playmat!