Gaming Week Ahead!

This week’s gaming events at GameKnight! Monday: Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons Tuesday: Open board gaming, Magic Commander league Wednesday: Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons, RPG Night with Cliff, Star Wars: Armada Thursday: Dungeon Crawl Classics, Dungeons & Dragons (new group, still room for more players!), Magic League Friday: Friday Night … read more

League Challenge

Welcome to our first League Challenge!  The format: Standard!  The rounds: 50 minute, three-game matches!  The prizing: Breakthrough packs and promos!  Age divisions will not be used unless we get a high enough turnout. Come down and play!  $5 entry fee, January 24th, registration starts at 12pm, tournament starts at … read more

Into the New Year

The crew at GameKnight would like to thank all of our customers and volunteers for making 2015 an amazing year. We hope you all found a few new games under your trees this past holiday season and have been enjoying them with friends and family. Thank you all for being … read more

GameKnight’s Hold Shelf

Happy holidays, everyone! GameKnight is cleaning out its hold shelf to switch over to a new year, which means that all items currently on hold will be put back on the shelf tomorrow, December 31st, at closing time. If you have a game on hold, we request that you come … read more


GameKnight Games will be hosting a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (a.k.a. PPTQ) on April 17th, 2016. PPTQs are the first step for new players on their path to the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour. By winning a PPTQ, you will qualify for that season’s Regional Pro Tour Qualifier (RPTQ). GAMEKNIGHT’S … read more