DBZ League Beginning!

Greetings, players of Dragonball Z! On Saturday, July 25th, we will be starting a DBZ league!  Players will compete for prizing through four weeks of play, with extra prizing at the end for players who have attended multiple events.  The breakdown is as follows: Week One – July 25th : … read more

Weiss Schwarz: Log Horizon

GameKnight is now accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Weiss Schwarz: Log Horizon set! Log Horizon will be available in trial decks (50-card ready-to-play decks) and “extra boosters” (6-card premium packs of random cards). Call GameKnight today to reserve your product today! Expected Release: Oct 23, 2015

War Gaming Terrain

GameKnight now has war gaming terrain available for use at the store! Looking to play Warmachine, Hordes, Warhammer or any other game that needs a big table and some cool terrain? GameKnight has terrain for your gaming needs! There will be a small usage fee of $5.00 to use the … read more

Game of the Month – Helios

The Game of the Month for July is Helios, a game in which players are high priests in a distant world of the sun god AHAU. The power of the sun drives everything in the game as players try to build temples, expand cities, and make their civilization flourish. Helios will … read more