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New X-Wing Releases

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The last and latest expansions for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, First Edition, are now available at GameKnight!
The Tie Reaper is a high-performance troop transport with heavy armour, powerful blasters and the unusual Jam action, while the Saw's Renegades pack includes a U-wing and a T-65 X-wing, both pre-painted in the stunning black-and-white paint scheme of Saw Gerrera’s freedom fighters, as well as a wealth of new ship and upgrade cards.
For the first time ever, these two expansions ALSO include components for the upcoming X-Wing 2nd Edition, so you'll be able to use them right away upon its release!
Tie Reapers are selling for $36.99 and Saw's Renegades for $49.99, plus tax.
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Gloomhaven - Limited Quantities Back in Stock!

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Limited quantities of the massively popular adventure game, Gloomhaven, are now back at GameKnight! Get your copy before they're gone!

New acquisitions for used RPGs

Check out some of these recent acquisitions for our used RPG book shelf! A plethora of 3rd and 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons, as well as some classic boxed sets and modules from older editions. Check out that City States of the Invincible Overlord boxed set!

Find these, and more, at our new location at 519 Osborne Street.

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