GameKnight Games started out carrying just a few Dungeons & Dragons books, but we now carry a massive assortment of board games, card games, roleplaying games, miniatures, paint and hobby supplies, accessories and more! In addition to our store stocked full of goodies, we also place weekly orders through which we are happy to bring in specialty items as required. Just contact us for availability!

Fidget Spinners!

GameKnight has fresh stock on Fidget Spinners, both of regular and deluxe varieties. Regular versions go for $9.99 + tax, and the deluxe spinners for $21.99 + tax. Lots of variety!

MTG Weekly Deal May 22 - 28

It's that time of week again! I hope your opponent is ready to lose their mana base, because boy is Fulminator Mage good at keeping those multi-colour decks off of their mana! Historically played in Living End Modern decks and now showing up in a variety of Death's Shadow builds in addition to a multitude of midrange decks, Fulminator Mage is a sweet card in a lot of strategies. Pick up your playset this week at only $33 each!

Game Caravan - May 20th, 2017

Click here or the image below to check out the Game Caravan newsletter and learn about our Warehouse Sale and all the new games we have in stock, including the highly anticipated The Captain is Dead!


Magic Amonkhet Celebration

This weekend, GameKnight celebrates the most recent Magic set, Amonkhet, by hosting a special free Mini-Master event. The rules are simple.

Come down to the store any time on Saturday or Sunday with a valid DCI number (the player tracking number used for Magic: the Gathering) to claim a completely free booster pack of Amonkhet. Then, grab some basic land, make a mini deck (that's why it's Mini Masters!) and fire off some games with other players!

This event will be running all weekend long alongside our Amonkhet Game Days, and players are encouraged to play in both events. As long as you register your DCI number for the Amonkhet Celebration, you'll get a free booster. Simple!

While supplies last. Limit one per customer.

Game on!

MTG Weekly Deal May 15 - 21

This week we have a fairly sweeping sale, all premium cards from Standard legal sets are on sale for 20% off! If you've spotted some new cards for cubes, Commander decks or are just the sort to bling out a Standard or Modern deck then this sale will surely be of use to you. We currently have things like Aven Mindcensor, Rhonas the Indomitable, Tamiyo Field Researcher and Verderous Gearhulk in stock in foil in addition to many, many other cards so there's lots of selection. I hope you're ready to impress your opponents with that super secret tech!

Scratch that foiling itch and grab some of those shiny cards at a discount before the sale ends on May 21st!