Pokemon Trading Card Game


GameKnight is proud to host our next Pokemon Prerelease, featuring the upcoming set, Celestial Storm!  We’ll be holding the event on Saturday, July 21st, 2018 starting at 12:00 PM; this will be our first look at the new set to come to the Sun & Moon block.

Entry will be $35.00 per player.

This tournament is a sealed deck tournament with a twist: each player will receive a special prerelease box containing a 22-card Prerelease mini-deck to provide a solid foundation, plus four 10-card booster packs and an exclusive foil promo card. Players will use the cards from their Prerelease box, plus basic Energy cards provided by GameKnight, to build a 40-card deck. Players may not trade any cards prior to the end of the tournament, and may not use any cards other than those opened in their sealed packs and basic energy.

The tournament will include multiple Swiss-style rounds. Each single-match round will be played for four prize cards (instead of six).

At the end of the tournament, each player will receive a further THREE booster packs, just for participating!

Pre-registration is available for this tournament at GameKnight Games starting now. Seating is limited, so reserve your spot today! Players must have their trainer ID on hand for both pre-registration and/or to attend this event. A trainer ID can be obtained for free at pokemon.com.

Game on!