Storage Solutions

Have you spent dozens, if not hundreds of hours painstakingly painting your miniatures? Do you have a card collection large enough to need not one, but two full shelving units at home? Need a good way to transport your favourite game while out and about? GameKnight has you covered with our selection of storage solutions, from basic card boxes to top quality foam trays and carrying cases.

Card Boxes

Card boxes come in a number of shapes and sizes, perfect for almost any need! The long white cardboard boxes come in a number of sizes including 550 count, 800 count, 1600 count, and even 5000 count with more in-between. These are perfect for storing trading card game collections, living card games, or even larger game pieces. There’s even the Card House, a shelf for holding 12 of the 800 count boxes, good for those with more cards than they know what to do with. If you’re looking for something more on the individual deck size, we have those too. We have a number of deck boxes from the Ultra Pro and Ultimate Guard lines, from cheap 80 count plastic boxes to the beautiful Flip ‘n’ Tray deck boxes with magnetic clasps and XenoSkin™ exterior.


Battlefoam is the premier storage solution for miniature games of all sorts! Perfect for protecting everything from Star Wars: X-Wing and Armada, Guild Ball, Warmachine and Hordes, to Warhammer 40k, Runewars and more! We regularly stock all varieties of pluck foam and have P.A.C.K. bags and accessories as well. Pluck foam is very versatile and can even be used for board game box inserts if you really want to go all out! We also do regular orders, and can get in specific trays, P.A.C.K. add-ons and even custom cut orders as you need.