Thursday Night Sealed League

What is League?

League is a four-week sealed Magic event. All players begin week one of League with three packs determined by the current League format (the Core 2019 season will consist of 3 packs of Core 2019), open those boosters, and build a 30-card deck made up of only what they’ve opened and basic lands. At the end of each night, all players may purchase and add any booster pack of any non silver-bordered set from our wall display to their pool of cards. Additionally, players may add a booster pack of any non silver-bordered set to their sealed pool after receiving three match losses throughout the League.

Why play League?

League is fun and easy to start! Because you’re all only playing with cards you open during the event there’s no pressure to spend a ton of money getting the “best” cards for your deck. That level playing field makes for fun games with cards you might not otherwise try. The more casual format and relaxed atmosphere makes it a great place to meet the local Magic community. For veterans, it can be a refreshing change of pace as well as an opportunity to introduce friends to the game and get cool promo cards!

When does League happen?

Our Next League starts Thursday, July 19th following the release of Core 2019.

We hold our weekly League events Thursdays at 6:30 pm, with each new League either tying in to a new set’s release, or starting at the beginning of the month, whichever fits best. On off weeks between Leagues, we like to hold special one-time limited events. Check out our Event Calendar for full details on when those events will take place!

Who do I play against each night?

Week one will have three rounds of play and weeks two through four each will each have four rounds. Our League organizer will be pairing people together for each round of play. Everyone will have someone to play!

What’s the cost?

Entry fee on week one is $20, which includes your three packs for the beginning of the league, as well as one of our TCG vouchers. Weeks two through four will each have a $6 entry fee and you will receive a TCG voucher, the remainder of the entry fee going towards final prizing.

Is there prizing?

At the end of week four, multiple draws will be held for gift cards for the store (quantity and value vary based on overall attendance. More players, bigger prizes!). Your name is added to the draw for each week you have participated in the League. In addition, anyone who has played at least eight matches will receive an exclusive, alternate art foil promo card. We have decided to omit prizes that are awarded based on final ranking, as we feel this promotes a more open and welcoming environment to newer players as well as letting veteran players relax and play some more casual games of Magic.

What if I miss a week?

If you are unable to make it to a week or two, that’s no problem! You may still purchase any boosters you need to catch back up and keep playing! Only thing it affects is how often your name is inserted into the draw for prizing.

What if I miss Week one?

You are welcome to join on any week of the League, so if you are unable to come for the first week, that’s no problem! Just come for week two and start from there!