Date/Time Event
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Warmachine/Hordes Miniature Wargames
GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff, Winnipeg Manitoba
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
MtG Commander League
GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff, Winnipeg Manitoba

Commander League info now up!

We have info on our new Commander League! It's starting Tuesday, January 16th and will feature the usual gamut of special challenges. For full info, visit the Commander League Page.

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Ixalan Store Championship happening tomorrow!

Tomorrow afternoon will mark the beginning of the end of the Ixalan Standard season, and with that comes our Ixalan Store Championship! What is Store Championship? Read about it on our page!

Game on!

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Boxing Week Continues

Our Boxing Week sale continues! 10% off most everything in the store, from miniatures to paints to board games to trading card games!
We're open every day up to and including New Years Eve, so come by and grab some games to finish off the holidays in style!
Holiday Hours:
December 26th, 27th and 28th - 10 am to 10 pm
December 29th - 10 am to midnight
December 30th - 10 am to 10 pm
December 31st - Noon to 4 pm
January 1st and 2nd - Closed
January 3rd+ - back to regular hours
Game on!
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Boxing Week Sale 2017

Sale #1: Select sale titles will be 25% off. Boxing Day only:

- Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu
- Mountains of Madness
- Tail Feathers
- Stratego Classic
- Knit Wit
- Greedy Greedy Goblins
- Tiny Epic Kingdoms
- Geek Out (regular and Pop Culture editions)
- Weiss Schwarz Accel World Boosters
- Magic: the Gathering Battle for Zendikar Holiday Gift Box 
- Magic: the Gathering Theros Holiday Gift
- Runewars Miniatures base game
- HeroClix Starters and Fast Forces
- Guildball Starters
- Star Wars X Wing Miniatures C-ROC Cruiser
- Aethera Campaign Setting
- Starfinder Core Rulebook

Sale #2: Select clearance titles will be 50% off all week.
See list posted in store for details.

Sale #3: All other non-food product will be 10% off all week.

Have a great Boxing Week, everyone!

Game on!

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Game Caravan September 30th

Click here or the image below to see the latest issue of the Game Caravan Newsletter!

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