Battle Foam 40k Indomitus Foam Kit

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    The Warhammer 40K foam kit will hold the contents of the Indomitus Starter Box game. The trays will fit perfectly inside the game boxes.  It's a great way to protect and organize the game pieces.  The game book, game templates, movement trays, and rule books can be safely stored at the bottom of the box under the foam kit.

    This foam kit includes three foam trays that will fit the Starter box. You will receive the following:

    • 1x Character Foam Tray - 2.5 inch (64 mm)
    • 1x Bikes, Characters, and Troops Foam Tray - 2 inch (51 mm)
    • 1x Troops Foam Tray - 1.5 inch (38 mm)

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    Tray Dimensions - 1x 16.75W x 11.25L x 2H" (W x L x H mm), 1x 11.25W x 7.75L x 2.5H" (L x W x H), 1x 11.25W x 9L x 1.5H" (L x W x H)

    Please note that because of the size of the game contents, the foam trays will not allow the game box lids to completely close flush on each box. The top box lid will sit about 1.25 inches higher than normal due to the trays being placed inside with the board game pieces. See last image.

    Board game and other game accessories are not included with the purchase of this kit.

    - $60.99

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