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Approximately 1000 assorted common/uncommon Magic the Gathering cards from across Magic's storied history. This box gives you a huge assortment of cards to build many different decks for play at your kitchen table. Instant collections make great gifts for new or young players looking to get into Magic the Gathering.

How are these collections built, you may wonder? Our dedicated team of apprentice planeswalkers take the time to carefully curate the cards that come into our store and pack them into long, cardboard boxes, ensuring that there's rarely more than 4 of any given copy of a card (though, of course, sometimes accidents happen!). The cards we use are primarily from bulk purchased from collections, and their condition varies from Near Mint to Lightly Played. 

This contains roughly the same number cards from of each of the 5 colours of Magic (White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green), as well as some artifacts and gold "multi-colour" cards. These sets contain 0 basic lands.

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