MTG Kaldheim Prerelease Pack *with TWO free bonus boosters!*

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    Includes TWO bonus booster packs, free of charge, while supplies last.

    Includes one buy-a-box promo card when you buy six or more prerelease packs, while supplies last.

    Prerelease kits are an awesome way to get your hands on brand new Magic product before the new set is released worldwide. Available a week early, prerelease kits include six booster packs of the associated set, one or more promo cards, and some extra fun accessories.

    While in-store events are not allowed in Manitoba, we will also be including the two free prize packs that would have been used as prizing at a prerelease event, free of charge to you! This means you'll get EIGHT booster packs for just $34.99 + tax. What a deal!

    - $34.99

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