COVID-19 Restrictions

Updated December 30th, 2021.

- Capacity will be limited to 15 customers.
- We ask that you limit your time in store as much as possible in order to reduce congestion and allow more shoppers to pass through.
- Masks are required by all customers, at all times, properly worn. Free masks can be provided if needed.
- Hand sanitizer must be used by all customers entering the building.
- Distancing must be maintained except for brief exchanges, such as passing someone in an aisle or at checkout.
- Our board game rental service will remain closed for the time being.
- Limits on trading card game transactions, both buying and selling, in an effort to reduce congestion at our card counter. Larger buy or sell lists may be requested to be submitted to be processed at a later time.

We must all still be vigilant and do our part. We appreciate everyone's understanding and cooperation.