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    The object of Scrabble Flash is to slide, swap and shuffle the five electronic tiles to create as many three-, four- or five-letter words as possible in sixty seconds. This fast-paced word-building game uses "SmartLink Technology," which allows the five electronic tiles included in the game to "talk" to each other. When the Scrabble Flash tiles are lined up to create a new word, the tiles will light up and beep. Scrabble Flash tiles also keep time and score. This groundbreaking technology allows players to compete individually against the game and try to earn the highest score possible.

    Three unique games can be played with Scrabble Flash. In the "Flash" game, players try to find as many three- to five-letter words as possible using the letters shown on the tiles. Five seconds are added to the play clock for every five-letter word formed. "Five Letter Flash" has players rushing to find the one five-letter word that uses the letters shown on the tiles. The game continues if the correct word is unscrambled. Play Scrabble Flash with a group in "Pass Flash" where players take turns forming five-letter words.

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