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Family Charades In A Box Compendium is a party and family game of acting out. Six themes of Charades are included in one box. Themes include: Hollywood Charades, Animal Party, Time Capsule, Family Charades, Kids Charades, and Picture Charades (which requires no reading). The goal of the game is to be the first team to win the most points at the end of 12 rounds by correctly guessing the Charade(s).

The Second Edition print of Family Charades In A Box Compendium was manufactured in the United States. Components include six card decks, a sand-timer and a spinner. Each card has three Charades. The spinner determines which Charades the TEAM will act out. Choices on the spinner include acting out one of the three Charades on the card, the OTHER TEAM picking which Charade should be acted out, the TEAM chooses which Charade to act out or all three Charades must be acted out.

Rules include a signal sheet to help players act out the Charade.

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