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    his game one of the many games in the Angry Birds Series.

    Darth Vader and his porky enforcers are ready for an intergalactic battle. Take turns trying to topple the Empire. Pull back the X-Wing fighter to launch an epic squawk attack with Luke, Han, or Chewie birds (from the back of the box.) "Roll, Launch, Win!"

    How many hits will it take the heroes to knock the pigs block off and explode the Death Star?

    This is a new edition to the Jenga & Angry Birds line. The game comes with a Death Star frame, a Luke Skywalker bird, a Han Solo Bird, a Chewbacca bird, Darth Vader Pig, 4 Stormtrooper pigs, a X-Wing launcher, 31 plastic Jenga blocks, 1 lock block, 1 dice, label sheet, a game base,and game guide/setup card.

    The object of the game is to destroy the Death Star. Roll the die to determine how many shots you can take & which birds to use. Alternate turns until the Death Star is destroyed.

    Stormtrooper pigs = 1000 points each
    Darth Vader pig = 3000 points
    Complete destruction of the Death Star = 5000 points
    Unlaunch birds after the Death Star is destroyed = 1000 points each.

    The game is based on the Star Wars Angry Bird app. In addition, the game comes with a App code to unlock game content.

    - $39.99

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