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     A two player game will take approximately 90 minutes, three players 120 and 4 players 150.

    Play in Cornish Smuggler happens in turns. During each turn, a player spends their resources to perform Actions, so the number of Actions that a player gets depends on the number of resources they choose to spend.

    Working in a clockwise manner, each player gets to take one Action continuing around the table until it returns to them where they can take another. This continues until all players have either spent all resources or have passed, meaning that Cornish Smuggler plays fairly quickly and all players remain totally involved with the game.

    Actions are all the things you can do in the game. Whether it's buying goods, bribing customs, utilizing secrets, reorganizing your network or simply passing- stockpiling resources this turn so you can do more Actions next turn.

    Wooden Components

    • 40 wooden player counters
    • 10 wooden Customs counters
    • 16 x unique wooden Goods Shapes
    • 4 wooden ship counters
    • 60 x wooden Influence Counters
    • 4 x wooden Goods Counters


    • 40 x Character Cards
    • 40 x Secrets Cards
    • 12 x Storehouse Cards

    Cardboard Tokens

    • 9 x Ship Cards
    • 36 x Gold Counters (of varying values)
    • 45 Reputation Counters
    • 4 x player mats

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