Gsw Sculptor Blue Vaseline 50ml

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    The Sculptor Vaseline from Green Stuff World is the result of mixing several refined petroleum jellies, oils, waxes, beeswax and other mineral components that give it a distinctive blue color. It has been specially designed for modeling and sculpting.

    It is odorless and semisolid in its normal state.


    - As lubricant for sculpting tools or our textured rolling pins.
    - To smooth the finish of sculptures.
    - As bonding agent for polymer clays.
    - As conditioner for crumbled clays and putties.
    - To soften the natural texture of putties.
    - To achieve thinner layers with clays and putties.
    - To improve blending of clays and putties.

    It should be stored at room temperature. If exposed to high temperatures, it could soften. To recover its original solidity, place it for a few minutes in the refrigerator.

    Content: 50ml

    - $12.99

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