Heroes of Black Reach Ultramarine Reinforcements

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    This expansion tells the battles at Sulphora Hive, taking place during Telion’s hunt for Zanzag, and the final fight between Cato Sicarius and the Ork Warboss.


    New characters:
    Cato Sicarius, Brother Vandius, the company banner bearer, Honoured Brother Gaius Prabian Apothecary Venatio

    New squads:
    Tactical Squad, Terminator Squad, Devastator Squad, Assault Squad, Bike Squad

    Many units and vehicles:
    Rhino, Dreadnought (Ultracius), Vindicator tank, Razorback tank, Land Raider Redeemer, Land Raider Crusader, Thunderfire cannons, Attack Bike, Land Speeder

    A lot of recruitment options: wargear and upgrade options, command options, vehicle equipment and customisations

    New rules (sheets)

    1 campaign with 4 scenarios (sheets)

    - $39.99

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