Paint Airbrush Stencil Curse Of Skull-bonz 2

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    • Dimensions: 9" Wide X 7.5" Tall

    The Artool FH-SK14, Bonz II, Airbrush Template created by Craig Fraser comes from the original Curse of Skullmaster series. Just like it's predecessor, Bonz II it is pretty much self explanatory. It's still just a bunch of bones. But they are new and improved bunch of bones, that are 50% larger! No special techniques, just bones... If the first Bonz confused you, things aren't gonna get any better from here.

    Made from solvent proof mylar, this template can be used with water based and solvent based paints and cleaning products. It is easy to flex or curve around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging it.

    - $36.99

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