2pg Battlecon Devastation Of Indines Extended

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    Devastation of Indines: Extended Edition 2nd Edition ups the ante with all new content to expand your copy of Devastation of Indines even further!

    This update includes the following additions:

    Two New Fighters

    Juto and Borneo Promotional Mascot Characters! You can choose to fight as either of these characters, of course with new and exciting powers/abilities.

    New Alternate Art Unique Ability Cards

    A complete set of new Alternate Art Character cards (1 per fighter in Devastation of Indines). These cards provide each character with a new Unique Ability that changes their gameplay.

    Alternate Standups

    Customize your game with Alternate Art Cardboard Standups for each character.

    Armory Cards

    The Armory cards give you the tools to make a customized character duel come to life. Each player receives a set amount of gold and can customize his character, giving you access to new strategies and potential!

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