Force of Will Tournament


Get ready for GameKnight’s second monthly Force of Will tournament!

Entry: $10.00

Prize: First place gets a Force of Will playmat and everybody goes home with some promos! the number and variety will depend on your end of night standing.

All cards in the Grimm and Alice clusters are legal. Don’t forget your Deathscythes!

Upcoming Battlefoam Order!

GameKnight is soon placing its next Battlefoam order, and we want to give our customers a chance to special order anything they need (or want!).

Battlefoam makes custom cut and pluck foam trays for a variety of miniatures games, such as Star Wars: X Wing, Warhammer, Warmachine/Hordes, and more! They also offer carrying cases and a host of other options for your transportation needs.

We’ll be placing the order early next week, so if you need something, contact us before then.

Check out the Battlefoam website here.

GameKnight Seeks Dungeon Masters!

GameKnight Games is seeking Dungeon Masters!

GameKnight hosts Dungeons & Dragons events twice a week, and is looking for more dungeon masters to accommodate both the growing player base and the changes in previous DM schedules due to school.

If you are a dungeon master interested in running a table during our D&D Encounters organized play event every Wednesday evening, please contact us at or 204-487-4263. Official adventures are supplied, and DMs earn store credit each week based on the attendance of their table.

Encounters is run using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rule set, and runs from 7:00 pm to roughly 9:00 pm every Wednesday evening.

Game on!