Saturday Conspiracy: Take the Crown Drafts


Clearly the crown is up for grabs. Will you claim it?

No more jokes. No more intrigue. For real this time.

The throne no longer sits empty, but deception, danger, and even death await around every corner.

Add deeper layers of intrigue to your next Magic draft and begin plotting as soon as you open your first booster pack! The Conspiracy: Take the Crown set builds on the revolutionary abilities introduced in the original Magic: The Gathering—Conspiracy set, with new cards that affect the draft itself and new conspiracies that twist the rules against your foes. Trade votes and spread your attacks to manipulate the game in your favor. Seize the crown to give yourself a greater edge—if you can keep it.

How will you plot your way to the throne?

Each Saturday at 11 am, GameKnight will be holding a Conspiracy: Take the Crown draft. Entry will be $15.00, and for each player, two of our prize vouchers (worth either a booster pack or $5.00 in card singles) will be added to the prize pool and distributed based on the results of the games. After the draft, players will split into two tables. After the first game, tables will be remade for round two based on round one’s results. Prizing is awarded after each round.

Game on!

The Dragon & Flagon Open Demo

Come and join our good friend Cliff Stornel for an open demonstration of the new barroom brawl game, The Dragon & Flagon! This demo is completely free; just bring your best drunken adventurer’s impression and get ready to rumble!

The Dragon & Flagon is a tavern world-renowned for its most magical drink, The Dragon. Legend has it that one sip of The Dragon can give a hero wondrous abilities beyond their wildest dreams — but with a tavern full of thirsty adventurers and only one flagon left, things are bound to go wrong. Prepare your magic and grab your weapon because there’s only one true objective in this brawl — and it’s not just a sip of The Dragon. Only one can win and emerge with the reputation as the greatest fighter ever seen within the walls of The Dragon & Flagon!


The Dragon & Flagon is a game of chaos and mayhem for 2-8 players. Throw mugs, smash chairs, swing from the chandelier, sip from the legendary Dragon Flagon, cast spells, and pull the rug out from under your fellow adventurers as you attempt to build up your reputation and win the day!

Play as one of nine unique characters in a 3D tavern environment that can be set up differently every time. Multiple play modes add even more variety.

Will you leave with the greatest reputation from The Dragon & Flagon?

Game of the Month: Qwirkle

Qwirkle GOTM

September is here, and that means a new Game of the Month at GameKnight.

Qwirkle is a fantastic game similiar in style to Scrabble, but instead of vocabulary, it uses basic shapes and colours (6 of each). Each turn, you lay one or more of the tiles from your hand onto the table, adding to the “crossword” of tiles already placed, following a very simple rule:

A continuous line of tiles can share one, and only one, characteristic. This means if you have a red square and a red circle in a line, that’s fine (they share colour but not shape), but any tiles added further must be red and not share a shape already in the line.

Simply, this means the max line length is six, and when you place the final tile in a line, you earn a “Qwirkle” bonus!

Qwirkle is a wonderful family game, good for all ages, has solid wooden tiles, and because it doesn’t rely on vocabularly, it’s a game you MIGHT have a chance at beating your mother at.

Get Qwirkle (all varieties) for 20% off this September at GameKnight Games. Try it in-store before you buy with our demo copy!

Game on!