MTG: Throne of Eldraine Sealed

On Thursday, November 7th, GameKnight will be hosting a Throne of Eldraine sealed event! Entry fee will be $40, and we will be using leftover kits from the Prerelease. Each prerelease kit contains 6 packs of Throne of Eldraine, one random foil rare of mythic from the set, and one spindown die. Each player will open the contents of this kit and build a 40-card deck using only this kit and some basic lands, then play a three round swiss tournament with prizing distributed based on final match records, as follows:

  • 3-0: 3 Prize Vouchers
  • 2-0-1: 2 Prize Vouchers
  • 2-1: 1 Prize Voucher

MTG Weekly Deal: Modern Staples

The modern section of our Magic: the Gathering singles case is on sale in this week’s MTG Weekly Deal! Fetchlands, planeswalkers, Goblin Guides, Blood Moons, Snapcasters and more! Need a few more cards for this Saturday’s $1000 Store Credit Tournament? Come down and get 10% a huge number of cards … read more

Closed for Thanksgiving

Good morning, gamers! GameKnight will be closed on Monday, October 14th for Thanksgiving. We will return to regular hours the next day, Tuesday, October 15th. Have a great long weekend! Game on!