Game Knight Crusade Update - End of Season 1 and what comes next

Greetings Wargamers,

First, I'd like to thank everyone who has participated, expressed interest in, or supported in some way our first public Warhammer Crusade through the store. The last few months since its start in October have been a blast. All the support and kind words I've gotten towards the success of the Crusade so far have brought me endless joy and pride.


The first season has hereby ended, with the results in. Team 1, Warhost Argona, have claimed the most territory. We came up with unique crusade relics that their characters would get first chance to pick from as a reward for all the hard fought victories, with the option for the other team to be able to pick them as an option in the future. Meanwhile, Team 2, Warhost Ellidus have gotten some increased supply, free removal of some battle scars, and some extra requisition to help them build up for the next season.


But what comes next, anyway? What is this new season?


Our immediate future holds the first narrative battle planned for the campaign, with more on the horizon as ideas come. Our first battle, Planetfall, will take place between seasons on January 14th. This will be a massive spectacle battle between 7 of our crusade forces, as well as two titan war machines, some of the biggest and baddest models that can take the field on 40k. 

This will lead into Season 2, The Siege of Gaitolox, as the victors from Season 1 take control of the crown world for the region of space we're fighting in, and their rivals seek to steal their prize out from under them. But fractures are starting to form in the war hosts and the tenuous alliances may not hold forever.


This campaign is planned to last three seasons, with the second being much longer than the first. More information will come about Season 3 closer to its start, but that is WELL in the future for us. For now, I have maps to make, story beats to plan, and more custom goodies to figure out.


I look forward to seeing many more exciting battles in the future, and here's to another exciting season of Crusade.

Best of luck out there