DECEMBER 7TH, 2022: Due to a glitch in the system, we've temporarily disabled Flesh and Blood cards on our Buylist. As soon as we resolve this error, we will reenable them. We apologize for the inconvenience.


JANUARY 25TH, 2022: 

  • Clarified "Who can use the buylist" to reflect that we do NOT accept mail in buylists at this time, and it only serves domestic use.
  • Buylists submitted for store credit must make clear at the time they are dropped off whether the customer wants credit in the form of a webstore gift card (usable on the webstore) or as in-store credit to be used when shopping in person. Due to software limitations and tax law, credit cannot be issued as both and it can't be interchanged. 

What is our buylist program?

Welcome to GameKnight’s Buylist program! Our buylist allows our customers to check how much GameKnight will offer for any given card, how many of a given card we will buy, and submit lists of cards they want to sell to the store, streamlining the whole process and saving you time at the counter. 

Once a buylist is submitted, you can drop your collection off at GameKnight during business hours. Our staff will process your collection, make adjustments as needed, and send you our offer. Once you’ve accepted that offer, you get your cash or store credit, we get your cards, and Urza’s your uncle!

Our buylist program is currently functional for cards from the Magic: the Gathering and Flesh & Blood games. We do not accept cards from other games at this time.

Who can use it?

Domestic Only! At this time, we are only accepting buylist submissions in-store, in person, and thus it is not available to anyone unable to visit the store. Customers wishing to use the buylist must be able to bring their collection to the store with a valid piece of photo ID.


Cards must be submitted in the order that they were entered into the Buylist, or sorting fees will apply (See Sorting below). Cards must be dropped off with a member of our staff within 3 days of the buylist being submitted, otherwise the buylist will be canceled and need to be resubmitted. Basic Lands, Tokens, Gold-border cards, and Art Cards will all be automatically declined.

Processing Time

Though processing time can vary depending on several factors such as in-store traffic and the volume of buylists we receive, we estimate anywhere from 1 to 5 business days to go through your buylist. We cannot guarantee that we can go through your collection immediately and you will likely be asked to leave it with us to process it.


The condition of a card single affects its final value as follows:

Near Mint - 100%

Lightly Played - 90%

Moderately Played - 80%

Heavily Played - 60%

Damaged - 40%

This will also affect the price at which we purchase a card from a customer. Note that we will not buy heavily played or damaged cards.

For grading, we use the following guide. Note that grading a card is by nature a slightly subjective process, and we do our best to be as accurate as possible.

Our staff will check the grade of your cards and make adjustments as needed. We reserve the right to make the final decision on the grade of any given card.

Unaccepted Types of Cards

With the exception of very specific cards (such as the Japanese stained glass Planeswalkers from War of the Spark or the Japanese Mystal Archive from Strixhaven), we do not take in non-English cards.

Basic Lands, Tokens, Gold-border cards, and Art Cards will all be automatically declined and removed from your buylist.


We base our prices on live data gathered from the TCGPlayer Market prices, adjusted for our own needs. Our cash purchase prices are set at 50% of this base value, adjusted for condition (see above).

Cash vs Credit

[New - July 28/22] When you are building your buylist, you can select to receive the payout in either cash or store credit. This applies to the whole buylist. If you want some cash and some store credit, please submit two separate buylists. This allows us to maintain proper financial records, so it really helps us out!

We reserve the right to issue cash values by way of cheque or e-transfer. Immediate cash is available only at our sole discretion.

We offer a 25% increase in value if you want store credit instead of cash. Store credit can be issued either for in-store or webstore use, but due to software limitations and tax law conflicts, not both. Buylists submitted for store credit must make clear at the time they are dropped off whether the customer wants credit in the form of a webstore gift card (usable on the webstore) or as in-store credit to be used when shopping in person.

Photo ID

To sell your cards to GameKnight, government-issued photo ID must be presented at the start of the transaction, as requested by our staff. Under no circumstances will cards be purchased from those unable to present ID.

Store Credit Policies

For security purposes and to protect your store credit, customers are required to present government-issued photo ID each time on-account store credit is redeemed in-store. Store credit non-redeemable for cash. Upon request and with security provisions satisfied, on-account store credit can be converted to a webstore gift card for use on our webstore. Please contact us for details.

Returns or Canceling

Once we’ve finalized an order and we have received your confirmation for payment, the order is committed to our live inventory and is immediately sent to our card team to be incorporated into our stock. There will be no way to tell which cards are yours at that point, so we will not be able to return the cards to you if you change your mind. Please be sure you are ready to proceed before accepting our offer.

Binders and sleeves

Any binders or sleeves included with cards or collections being sold to GameKnight will be considered forfeit to the store. If you want to retain your binders or sleeves, please remove your cards from them before submitting them to us. In addition, a fee of $20 per binder will be applied if cards need to be removed from them by staff. The fee is deducted from our final offer.


Cards submitted through a buylist must be sorted in the same order as the buylist, otherwise a fee of up to 15% reduction in offered value will be applied.

Counterfeit and Proxy Cards

Any cards that are submitted (knowingly or unknowingly) and identified as counterfeit will be destroyed in accordance with Canadian Law. This goes for “proxies” as well, or cards that have been custom printed to stand in for an actual card.

Abandoned Buylists

Abandoned buylists or collections will be forfeit to the store in full after 60 days. GameKnight staff will make every effort to contact the customer, but we can’t hold cards forever.

Final Right to Decline

GameKnight reserves the right to decline a buylist submission for any reason, at our sole discretion. Any collection refused will be held for pickup for up to a maximum of 60 days, at which point they will be forfeit to the store in full.


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