Code of Conduct at GameKnight

Respect the Players

Respect your fellow gamer, no matter your differences. Do not belittle, harass, insult or otherwise demean another. Do not steal, from store or player. Be honest, be courteous, be patient, have fun and help others have fun.

Respect the Game

Do not cheat. Do not use counterfeits or fakes. Keep food and drink away from the game components. If you must handle another player’s property, do so carefully. Put things away the way you found them. We play games to have fun; make sure the game is fun for everyone.

Respect the Space

Do not swear. Do not shout. Practice good hygiene and avoid strong scents. Stand away from the doors if smoking. Clean up your play area and put everything back the way you found it.

Respect the Store

Avoid undermining the store’s business; this means not selling product that we sell, not bringing in food and drink that we sell, not advertising other businesses without our permission, and not disrupting, damaging or disrespecting our building, our operations, our personnel or our business.