Stoking the Boilers - The Revival of Warmachine at GameKnight

Greetings, wargamers.

It's been a good few months since Warmachine MkIV has graced the tabletop, and we've had some time to get our hands on it and try and breath steam back into the engines of the game.


So far, three armies have released with another on the horizon. All have been staple 'Warmachine' armies, using steampunk automata to fight along side their living armies. But our monster leading 'Hordes' siblings will be joining us soon with the Brinebloods and more not far in the future. The pace is picking up.


The past few months we've hosted three events here at the store to try and bring the game back up and running. And we want to keep the pace rolling, as if we let it run dry we'll risk losing a passionate community and a stellar, fun, game.


So, in the near future, we'll be having regular gaming nights here at the store again. In addition, some of our players are interested in getting a Journeyman league running, Privateer Press' slow grow tournament style that sees players gradually increase the size of their armies as each match goes on. Its a great opportunity for new and returning players to get familiar with the game. Alongside all this we'll be setting up a Learn to Play opportunity soon as well, so if you've had your eyes on the game but aren't sure about jumping in, that'll be a great chance to check it out!


We'll have more news on the start of these events soon, but we are committed to seeing Warmachine thrive again. We're carrying the starter armies and the expansions as they release, and any additional products can always be ordered from us if you need some more 'jacks or your missing leaders.


I look forward to seeing you in the field.

Blair, Khador Kommander