Ye Olde Membership Program

We have heard questions from the community regarding our old, pre-pandemic membership program and its current state. We thought we'd take the time to explain some things, and offer a solution to the question on everyone's mind.

What was the membership program?

Our old membership program earned customers time by making purchases, and that membership time then waived some basic table fees for in-store play. It was a system custom-developed by a local programmer for our old Point of Sale system.

Why has it been cancelled?

At the start of the pandemic, we needed to get an online store created in very short order to allow us to continue to operate during the April 2020 lockdown. With great respect to the local programmer of our POS at the time, it was never intended to be integrated into an online store. And thus our Shopify-based webstore was launched. As of January 1st, 2021, we've fully switched over to this Shopify-based software. 

This new software, however, has no way to integrate our old membership program. We've launched the Knights Rewards program on our webstore, which does give some kick-back for making purchases (amounts to 1% of your purchases back in credit), but simply no way to reflect the same system we use to have.

However, we do understand that many of our incredibly supportive customers earned themselves quite a bit of membership time, and we want to ensure that those customers know we hear their concerns over losing the benefits of that time.

The Solution

This is not a perfect solution, by any means, but we feel it is a decent compromise that retains the rewards previously earned, while being an achievable procedure for our staff and software.

If you had accrued membership time (which stopped accruing on January 1st, 2021), you can make a special request to have your time rolled over into our new software (I'll leave out the specifics, but it's a super jury-rigged system). We'll also add two years to the expiry to account for the two years of no gaming in-store.

This will be done upon customer request, as we don't have a way to do it for everyone at once. So please don't hesitate to mention it at the counter!

Loose Ends

We do still have a few things we need to hash out for those rolling over their time. Namely online table reservations and ticket sales. We're working on a way to allow this time to be used on the webstore as well, so please be patient and stay tuned!