Boring Party? Assistant Gorilla - A "Snake Oil" Review

“Snake Oil! It cures what ails ya!”

Snake Oil the board game is not to be treated as a substitute for medical attention, but it DOES relieve the symptom of feeling miserable regardless of whatever may ail you.

Snake Oil is a card game much like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity where the best card is picked, and the point is given to the person who played that card. In Snake Oil, you play two cards to make a “product” that you then sell to the customer (or the judge) of that round. In my experience however, none of the products sold in the games I play would ever be useful (nor legal most of the time) if they were to be applied in the real world. The ones that get picked are the funniest ones, or the most illegal ones. Would a teacher need a marker cup, or a computer desk? No obviously not, what a teacher really needs is an assistant gorilla! Who better to teach children about maintaining healthy noise levels than your trusty assistant gorilla, who will be able to scream louder than a child ever will? Need to motivate students to participate in gym class? Assistant gorilla is great at tag and dodgeball. Student didn’t show up to class? Assistant gorilla will hand deliver them to your classroom door.

Did a student fail the exam?...

…Assistant gorilla.

Play as many rounds as the rules say to or play until you run out of cards. Snake Oil is guaranteed to cure a boring party regardless of severity of symptoms.


- Staff pick by Lilith