Decide if an Ostrich is more like a Giraffe or a Hummingbird in Similo!

Similo is a quick simple deduction game. Who is it for? I would say almost everybody. If you want to play it with younger kids, the Animals or Fables version would be great. If you want to play the Myths or History versions, you might be better off with older players. 

How do you play this game? That's what makes it so great, it's super simple, but still engaging.

One person is the clue giver, and the other players are the guessers. You start the game by having the clue giver look at the top card of the deck, that will be the secret character for the round. They then draw up to 12 cards, shuffle them together, and put them face up on the table.

Then the clue giver draws a hand of 5 cards. They play one of the cards as a hint to the other players. Play it vertically to show that your Secret Character is similar in some way to the card you played, or horizontally to show that it is different. 

This is where the fun happens. The guessers then debate what they think the clue means.

For example, you might be down to the final two animals: A giraffe and a hummingbird. The clue giver plays the ostrich card vertically. OH NO! Do they mean it's more like the hummingbird because both are birds, or do they mean it's more like the giraffe because of the long neck? Time for a rousing debate!

There are 5 rounds of removing characters, getting closer and closer to the secret character. If you remove the secret character, you lose, but it's not a big deal, because you can just start a new round. The rounds only take 10 minutes, and setup is minimal.