Stab your friends in the back in this Arthurian hidden roll game.

Avalon is a simple game about hidden roles and the battle between good vs evil, in the game you take on the roles of knights and servants of King Arthur - but watch out, the forces of evil have agents everywhere.

The goal of the game is simple: have your "team" win 3 out of 5 adventures by choosing whether you pass of fail a mission in secret. The hard part is figuring out who you can trust and who are back stabling traitors. The turn player gets to choose a number of people based on what round it is to take on the mission and then everyone gets to vote on whether they like the composition of the party members - if the majority agree, then you go onto the mission but if not, the decision to decide who goes on the mission goes to the next player. 

Once you are on a mission, you are given two cards - one to pass and one to fail. If you are a loyal servant of Arthur, you want to succeed the mission but if you are of the forces of evil you may choose; all choices are put into a pile face down then shuffled and revealed - if there is a single failure, the mission goes to the forces of evil but if all cards are successful, the round goes to the forces of good.

There are special roles in the game such as the mighty Wizard Merlin, who knows who all the evil people are but you may want to be wary and cunning to not give yourself away, for evil has the assassin and at the end of the game if they choose the player who they think is Merlin and assassinate him, evil takes the victory from Arthur's servants.

Can you tell your friends lies apart from their silly antics or will you be duped by some cunning distractions? Either way, Avalon awaits you!